Clean Water

Unfortunately nothing can be done without money. It’s the world we live in. Our main focus is to be able to raise the money necessary to really take this thing off the ground. I remember a story I heard one time of a man going to Africa. He had sponsored a couple children over there through a child sponsorship organization. Eventually he decided that he would really like to go meet the children that he sponsored. So, that’s what he did. He caught a flight to the country in Africa that the children were in and he went to meet them.

I’m gonna skip ahead a little bit to the point I really want to make with this story. After, he met the children, (they were overjoyed to meet the man who had been making it possible for them to live day to day. Such a beautiful thing) his guide took him to a place where a lot of people had gathered to try to get some water. Because water is so scarce in the country, all of them were fighting over it. Pushing each other out of the way trying to fill this jug up with water. The man noticed a little boy standing back from the fighting. He was just a little boy holding a jug. This boy was waiting to get water. He couldn’t though. He was too small to fight his way in to get the water. The man took the boys jug and pushed his way through the fighting people and filled the boys jug and brought it to him. Imagine water being that scarce?

How many places do we have water coming from in our houses? So many. Not in this small country in Africa though. These people have to fight one another to get water. If they don’t…they don’t know where their next drink of water is coming from. We are partnering with three organizations (I’ll announce their names at a later date) to bring clean water to people just like this. I believe this is really how change happens. I can’t wait to be part of the change.